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Mon Aug 31

We Have Moved!!

I have left tumblr officially and wanted to make sure all of the kinks were worked out before announcing it here.

I will leave this site up as an archive.  Please bookmark the new site here.

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Thu Aug 20

Poor Powerbook.

OUCH!! But you have to check out the girl at the end with the iPhone… Priceless!

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Thu Aug 13

Want 250 FREE HD Loops??

You can get 11 DVD’s with 250 FREE HD Looping Backgrounds for only $8.41 S&H.

What are you waiting for?!?

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Tue Aug 11

1 Week Boot Camp

The Veracity Film Academy is designed to teach students a biblical perspective of storytelling. This one week boot camp is for those just starting a career, looking for a biblical base - and for those deep into a career, looking for tools to use their gifts for God’s glory.

I would strongly recommend training like this.  I was very fortunate to be able to attend the Travel Channel Academy.  It taught me a ton about telling a story.  Now having something like this that’s geared for the church and telling the best story ever told, is a breath of fresh air!

I didn’t see any pricing yet but it’s a year out so grab that pig and start filling it!!

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Tue Aug 4
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Some FREE Stuff!

Get this free looping background from Video Hive in HD (720p)


Every month Floodgate Productions offers a free download.  Get all the info here.

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15 Video Sharing Websites.

Here’s a fantastic reference of video sharing sites in one spot.

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Sun Aug 2

Kodak introduces the Zi8

Kodak announced the new Zi8 camcorder this week, the third model in the company’s burgeoning ultracompact budget line-up. Improving on the previous models, the Zi6 and the Zx1, the new Zi8 offers a larger 2.5-inch LCD, face tracking, image stabilization, and “1080P” recording.

The Zi8 shares many of the same features as its predecessors – an upright, highly portable design, stripped down menu feature list, and uploading software primed for YouTube, and now Facebook. Kodak is clearly unafraid to borrow some popular elements from the Flip camcorders series. As with the Zi6, it offers a flip-out USB arm for connection to a computer. 

The Kodak Zi8 will be available in multiple colors (blue, red, and black) starting September 2009, retailing for $179.

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Wed Jul 29

Off to Echo

Sitting in the Airport and ready to go for Echo 09!!

See you there.

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Fri Jul 24

Need a new look… for FREE??


Business Week: “One of 50 Tech Startups You Should Know About”

Go get some!!

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